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they share a border, but not a policy on crime and punishment. the dramatic difference on how santa clara and san mateo counties react to crimes. >> a power ball jackpot that has people lining up and the bay area liquor store considered the lucky lottery spot in the entire state. >> and willing to wait for help. a live picture now. why hundreds of people are braving the cold and wind and darkness right now in hopes of
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seeing a dentist tomorrow morning in san jose. good evening on this friday, and thanks for joining us. >> they are lining up around the block, camping out all night if downtown san jose. not for concert tickets. not for sneakers. but for dental care. it's a necessity that millions of californians can't afford, and waiting overnight on the street is their only option. george joins us live in front of the convention center with more. >> reporter: if you want a visual example of how many people don't have dental insurance, take a look at this line behind me. this line stretches down the block. they are sleeping overnight because they want dental work done and they want to make sure when the doors open at 5:00 in the morning they will have a spot. >> about 13 years. >> that's how long it's been since tina has seen a dentist. in an ideal world, she would not have waited that long. >> well, it is a long time. i guess you don't realize how important the dentist is until your teeth start to hurt. >> because of that, she spends
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many days in pain. >> you live with the pain or they do something like this. thank god they did something like. this. >> tina is not the only one suffering. she and hundreds of others are sitting in line overnight outside the san jose convention center hoping to get their teeth examined and fixed for free. they can thank volunteers like dr. russ web. he's an oral surgeon from sacramento. >> we do fillings. we do extractions. we do teeth cleanings. we're making a few dentures and a few partials. >> the cda estimates 30% of californians, or 11 people, don't have dental insurance. many of them lost their benefits in 2009 during state budget cuts. free events like this hope to fill the void. >> to people like us, as the very big deal. >> our goal is to get people out of pain, out of here with a smile. >> another live look at the long line outside of the san jose
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convention center. hundreds of dentists, oral surgeons and hygienists are here to make a difference in these people's lives and they plan on doing this again in december. this time in san diego. live here in san jose, bay area news. >> if you're among those hoping for a spot at this weekend's dental care, here are some critical things you should remember. the doors open at the san jose convention center at 5:00 in the morning. everyone is urged to come early and expect there will be a line tomorrow. patients are going to be seen on a first come, first served basis. interpreters will be available. they're urging you to bring a list of all medications that you're currently taking and consider bringing some snacks because you could be waiting a long time for treatment. finally, the treatment is free, but you will have to pay for parking. he thought he was meeting a 13-year-old, but it turned out to be a police officer. tonight a south bay elementary schoolteacher is behind bars. this is 41-year-old grant blair. he's accused of attempting lewd
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acts with a minor. blair taught fourth and fifth grade at old orchard school in campbell for about a year. police say he contacted a minor online and showed up at a park to meet that person for sexual activity. instead, blair was met bay san jose cop posing as the 13-year-old. >> basically the fact that the suspect drove to the park, arrived at the park was the act that was needed to fulfill the crime. an attempt to make a date with a minor. >> police have already interviewed about 35 other students to see if there are any other potential victims. they also plan to interview students at other schools where he taught. tonight we know the names of the two men killed on 880. christopher bearden of pittsburgh and terrence marks of richmond. they were shot while driving along 880 after the warriors' playoff game last night. witnesses told police the suspects may have left the scene in a dark suv.
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right now police say they're reviewing high quality surveillance video from outside the oracle arena in hopes of getting new leads on any suspects. a san jose man accused of killing two family members appeared in court for the first time today. ruben ramirez kept his head down during his arraignment on murder and attempted murder for allegedly killing his 1-year-old nephew and 48-year-old mother and injuring his 3-year-old niece wednesday. if convicted, the 28-year-old could face the death penalty. tonight, it's back to normal for a quiet san jose neighborhood, but the question still remains how did a grenade end up in a woman's garage? that was the sound of the san jose bomb squad detonating that grenade in her front yard earlier this evening. the bomb squad evacuated homes nearby until after the detonation. >> it is going to be wild, and
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it is also going to be well policed. more than 100,000 people expected to converge on san francisco for the bay to breakers this weekend. this year, the wacky race will include an unprecedented level of security. gene is live in san francisco with more on what you can expect. what authorities are asking every fan to do. >> well, jessica, the san francisco police department says racers can expect to see a whole lot of police officers in uniform. there will also be bomb sniffing dogs and bomb technicians on stand by nearby just in case security is a top priority. tonight racers who came here to pick up their numbers say they plan to have a whole lot of fun. the countdown to the zaniest foot race is on. bay to breakers participants are ready for a good time. >> every welcome life in every imaginable costume and some not wearing anything at all. >> we're going as the goth family. >> mark christensen and his kids
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plan to spice up last year's costumes and add an official registration bid. >> this is the first time i've ever registered. i'm a bay area native. i've never actually gotten numbers before. >> christensen is playing by the rules because police are promising strict enforcement. with the deadly boston marathon bombings triggering security concerns, san francisco police aren't taking any chances. >> we will actually have our bomb teches on scene to allow for rapid response to any package and we'll also have k-9s around and also 16 neighboring agencies have provided regional support with regard to bomb teches and dogs. >> police are promising to be highly visible. cameras will monitor the crowd of 100,000. only small backpacks will be allowed. and police are urging people to call 911 if they see anything unusual. bay to breakers regulars are hoping the tight security is not the new normal. >> maybe this will be the only year they try this and they'll
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calm back down. >> racers seem to be taking it in stride. >> i'll probably be watching the people in the costumes a little bit more than the people in uniform. >> they have different concerns. >> my ability to run eight miles. yeah. >> race organizers really want every participant to register, and there is still time. you can come down here to 8th and brannon tomorrow to get one of those bibs. >> it is going to be a fun weekend around the bay area. so what's the old phrase now? you have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than winning the power ball. but you still have a chance. tonight the second-biggest jackpot in history. nbc bay area's sheryl hurd is feeling lucky and joins us from perhaps the luckiest spot in the bay area, right, sheryl? >> that's right. i am standing in front of the lucky lotto store in california, but take a look at the numbers. right here you have megamillions at 12 million dollars and i
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think somebody won it tonight. you've got super lotto at $10 million. but everyone tonight is vying for that $600 million lottery jackpot. just six numbers separate the hopeful. >> i'm just getting a quick pick. >> the holy spirit told me what numbers to pick out. >> my family's birthdays. >> the second biggest jackpot in u.s. history. >> a lot of stuff to do with that money. buy a house. take care of my family. take care of my girlfriend. >> that's why people flock to cavanaugh liquors in san lorenzo. >> i want at least half of it. >> the store has a reputation for being the luckiest lotto spot in california. >> i think all the money that's been made here makes this store so lucky. >> five people have become millionaires by picking the winning numbers here. >> there you go, honey. >> but only four of them got the money because one of those tickets was never claimed.
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people here say they know exactly how they'll spend the money if they win. >> buy me a motor home. go travel. >> ferrari. and a big house. >> juan says he thinks he's figured out the winning combination. >> if you look at them, they have 54, 55. 54, 55. you know, there's a lot of numbers that are in that row. >> he says for him, power ball is more than just a game. >> it's been like kind of like my dream to win, something big, and hopefully this is it. it's 600 million. >> $600 million is what dreams are made of. >> i got extra tickets. i'm hoping that we have a winner. i really do. >> i've been standing out here for a couple of hours and cars have been running by. the store closed at 10:00. tomorrow the line is expected to wrap all the way around the
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store. but i got a jump start on it. i have my ticket. so this might be the last time i toss it back to you. reporting live in san lorenzo, i'm sheryl hurd, nbc, bay area news. >> it's been a pleasure working with you, sheryl, good luck. how about this line tonight? a line stretching more than two miles outside the lotto store near prim, nevada, today, in what's become a tradition. thousands of nevadans flock to the store from nearby las vegas to buy lottery tickets. they have to cross the border because nevada is one of only five states that does not participate in the power ball. i've known steve for 30 years. he's a really good lawyer. but will this instance, he's a dinosaur. >> big punishment for petty crime. it's an idea that's died in all but one bay area county. find out why san mateo's county d.a. keeps a hard line.
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>> a team targeted twice by thieves. the softball team in need of help and why the school says there's not much it can do. japan is still recovering from the devastating tsunami of 2011, but tonight, it's california that's getting hundreds of thousands of dollars to help deal with the damage done by that disaster.
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one of five west coast states that will be receiving money to deal with the disaster. the money tied to a $5 million donation from japan to help clean up the debris from the 2011 tsunami. the money is being distributed
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to california, hawaii, alaska, oregon, and washington. it's unclear how far the money will stretch as officials begin what's expected to be a yearlong cleanup. maybe you were caught with a can of beer before you were 21. >> it's petty crime with old school punishment. san mateo county is one of the last bastions of hard line punishments. >> locked up facing two felony charges. but this wasn't some elaborate scheme. >> we were charged initially with burglary and conspiracy. >> it was a case of petty theft. >> that was brutal. i mean, i've never done anything like that. >> this man we'll call mark, a 19-year-old college of san mateo student at the time, was accused of stealing from the macy's men's store. the man at the cash register, an acquaintance who mark says promised a "good deal."
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>> it turns out we were paying $15 for $300 worth of merchandise. >> he admits it was a stupid decision that could have led the a control record, even a misdemeanor like petty theft can still around for years. >> i mean, i had just gotten a new job, too. >> but mark wasn't even charged. james givens shapiro says that's thanks to a new program that began last july. >> if you have low or no criminal record, then we will offer you the opportunity before we file criminal charges to participate in diversion. >> a diversion program that offers someone the chance to complete community service and counselling instead of getting charged with a low-level nonviolent misdemeanor. >> petty thefts, trespass, and vandalism. >> but mark was very close, literally, to a different outcome, from google earth you can see just how close he was to committing a crime in san mateo county, just on the other side of the creek.
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that would have changed everything. >> if somebody has stolen something, like anything else, they have to accept the consequences for their conduct if they're caught and we do convict them for that. >> steve says his county will charge an offender, first time misdemeanor or not, every single time. >> something as simple as vandalism, we will prosecute that. >> the punishment includes taking part in the sheriff's work program, usually picking up trash on the side of the highway, being subject to search and seizure by police, paying hefty fines. while conviction doesn't usually mean jail time, it does leave a mark on your record. >> we don't want people to lose their jobs. we don't want people to have their life destroyed over a misdemeanor. but we do want them to make amends for their criminal conduct. >> i've known him for 30 years. he is a really good lawy. but in this instance, he's a dinosaur. >> paula canny wrote to the d.a. last spring asking him to adopt
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misdemeanor diversion programs. >> every bay area county has diversion except san mateo and it's unfair. >> what's fair, says canny, is giving someone a second chance. >> and the best way to ensure that a person doesn't come back is to rehabilitate them, to educate them. >> one of the only california counties that has tracked the success of a misdemeanor diversion program is orange county. in 2011, the d.a.'s office there found of those who chose not to go into diversion and instead got charged with misdemeanor, 25% committed the crime again, compared to a 6% repeat offense rate for those who completed diversion. >> we have a warm, fuzzy side to us, but it's going to be in how we sentence people. >> the d.a. says san mateo is a law and order county, one that has earned the reputation that keeps criminals on all levels away. >> that's all because they know that we have a jail and our judges will use it. i don't wish that on anywhere, but if it keeps it out of san
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mateo county, i think we're doing our job. >> for mark, it was a difference of a few hundred feet. >> that could have changed my life. >> that says helped him move forward from what he calls a simple mistake. >> people should be given a second chance. shows a side of you that they aren't just a horrible person. >> there are certain misdemeanors that never qualify for diversion, that includes duis and domestic violence cases. people go into the diversion program but don't complete them on time, they will be redirected back into the traditional process of getting charged. >> two very different counties. a high school softball team in san jose has now been hit by thieves twice in one month. this time thieves took the new $2,300 p.a. system that belonged to the softball team. just a few weeks ago, the team's pitching machine, a generator and hundreds of dollars worth of bats were taken. the coach says the school cannot replace the thousands of dollars
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of stolen equipment because the team isn't covered by the steal's insurance policy. >> it's more than just a theft. it's a hit to the girls, because here they're working hard. they think they can make a difference in their own environment. and they did. they were feeling pretty good about themselves. lo and behold this happens. and it just takes everything away from them. they're pretty crushed. >> just isn't right, is it? the team is hoping the stolen items can be recovered. if you have any information, you're urged to call san jose police. >> shameful is what it is. let's turn things over to jeff. we've seen cooler weather, blustery weather, even a little bit of rain. will we see some sunshine? >> yes, a lot of sunshine coming our way this weekend. we've definitely had a little bit of everything. a little bit quicker than we had for today. and also temperatures going warmer for the interior valleys. low 80s expected there. mid 70s by the bay. let's get you outside to the sky
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camera network on this friday night. you can see here in downtown san francisco, it is fog-free right now. once again, a little bit of cloud cover coming our way for tomorrow morning, but not expecting a huge fog event for us. the huge thing that's going to change it up for us is the jet stream. this is what brought us all those erratic changes this week. the cooler weather, the milder weather, the showers. that's going to push off toward the north, the storm track. we'll get high pressure building offshore. that should be good enough for temperatures to jump some ten to 15 degrees by this weekend. we've got so much hot air out here in the pacific with that high pressure, and you've got some cooler air back towards the inner mountain west. that's going to have to create some pretty gusty winds here throughout most of the bay as we head here saturday and sunday. for tomorrow, we'll get most of the cloud cover right up against the immediate coastline here. also for the north bay. again, not expecting widespread heavy cloud cover, but we've highlighted all of the counties that are expecting sunshine.
11:21 pm
basically, if you're able to see this tv signal, you're going to get sunny skies here for saturday's forecast. awesome here as we head throughout the first part of your weekend. we're going to start off here, that will be the coldest spot. also some upper 40 this is the east bay. i'll go with 50 in san jose and also 48 in redwood city. daytime highs on saturday will be topping out a little bit warmer than for today. we'll hold off on some of the hottest air until we get to sunday and that seven-day forecast. on saturday, we'll top out with 77 in san jose. also 76 in palo alto. near 80 degrees for pleasanton. for san francisco, not quite a beach day, but looking pretty good with 68 for you. here's the thing, up into the north bay as we head into sunday, that's going to be where we'll have the elevated risk of some fire danger with some dry northerly winds that develop.
11:22 pm
the amgen tour, as we head through saturday and sunday, temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70s. the highest fire danger will be on sunday and monday with those mid to upper 80s, and also into parts of the north bay. otherwise sit back and enjoy your saturday. it's almost here. >> and our weekend is almost here also. >> yes. always counting down. >> ten more minutes. >> more like 12. >> there's a cheese steak right from philadelphia, right dish pizza right from chicago. the silicon valley start-up willing to deliver america's most iconic foods to your front door.
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a bacon restaurant in san francisco is told to hold the bacon today. >> the neighbor didn't like the wafting smell of bacon coming from his bacon restaurant, hired an attorney to do something about it. the neighbor asked bacon bacon to install a $35,000 air
11:25 pm
filtration system and the come plantd would be dropped. it it appeared a deal had been struck.complaint would be dropp. it it appeared a deal had been struck. now the owner shut his stores this afternoon and says he's not exactly sure when he's going to be able to open his restaurant again. >> while we're on the food kick, if you missed those real philly chee cheesesteaks, a silicon valley start-up can help. gold belly can get foods from many restaurants anywhere in the country delivered to your front door. all you have to do is log in, find the dish you want and the distance to your favorite restaurant disappears. we're back in a moment. for our families...
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our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created... a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more.. low and no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know... exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks... with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories... america's beverage companies are delivering.
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hi, everybody. scott reiss. baseball in denver. seemed like a good idea at the time. that time was 1993. and ever since then, we've seen a steady stream of marathon ball games where no lead is safe
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and virtually no pitching staff emerges unscathed. exhibit a, giants-rockies tonight. giants had actually won ten straight against colorado. madison bumgarner had a 4-0 lead early. then it was 5-5. then it was 9-5. top seven, it is 10-8 colorado. angel pagan hits it hard. dexter fowler, great diving catch, threat averted. and the rockies hang on and win 10-9. the warriors' magical ride came to an end last night after earning their first playoff berth since the 2006-2007 "we believe" season. they lost their second-round series to the spurs in six games. plenty of positives to take away for a team that has only been to the playoffs twice in two decades. i actually drove up today thinking we had practice. tough feeling, but we'll have
11:29 pm
time to think about how great of a season we had and just starting for next year. >> oh the horror last night for the sharks. up a goal with three minutes to play in game two against the kings. then two power play goals in 22 seconds and poof, l.a. wins 4-3. good news is we shift the series to san jose for game three tomorrow and the sharks are confident they can come back. >> earlier this year, we lost all those games in a row. said we were going to miss the playoffs. fought back. went through a great stretch at the end. people said we had no chance against vancouver. beat them. now people are saying we're done. some sad news in the golfing community. san francisco native and 1964 u.s. open champ ken venturi passed away today.
11:30 pm
he played his collegiate golf at san jose state, was recently inducted into the world golf hall of fame. he was 82 years old. the a's come from behind late to beat the royals 2-1. that's it for sports. more news right after this.
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have a great weekend. >> good night. ♪ alright, let's go.
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i got it. that lasts a lifetime. the chase mobile app. so you can. [ knocking ] >> come on in. >> jay: how are, sir? >> i'm doing great, thanks. how are you? good to be back. >> jay: good to have you back. thanks for coming back to the show. >> well, i'm going to be late getting on the show i'm afraid. because, i mean, this 100-page questionnaire, i'm only halfway through it. >> jay: 100-page questionnaire? this isn't from us. it's from the irs. >> those guys. i can't believe it. ♪ >> announcer: it's "the tonight
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